There was a man who would not like to think that he is old
who road his bicycle several miles to the Alameda bridge
the old one that is now just for peds and horses and bikes,
and then he would ride across the bridge, 90% of the way
to where he always stopped, parked his bike
walked around and took a few slugs from his water thermos.

One day, when he was coming to a stop there
he saw a dark object, perhaps a hat, maybe 15' away.
After parking the bike he walked over and looked more closely.
It was a black knitted thing, a rasta hat came to mind.

He picked it up to feel it and no surprises,
so he dropped it on the elevated concrete surface 
near the railing on the bridge.
He heard a clank.

He walked back to his bike and then wondered about
the contents of that mysterious "hat"…what was the clank?
Then he went back to the hat and opened it up
and he found a glass bong…without stash…unbroken by the fall.

Upon examination
the hat was acrylic and made in China
in a very loose knit
with an elastic lower edge.
Cheap hat: great bong storage.

The bong was a rather beautiful thing
about 6" long through the stem
and 3" high through the bowl and tank
with multicolored glass and good form.

It was quite dirty so when he got home
he googgled "how to clean a water pipe"
and found several consistent methods
to do so with salt and rubbing alcohol 

and he did.

It was a perfect present out of nowhere
because he had been thinking how
lousy it was to smoke out of an aluminum can.
Water seems to work better than air.

He had seen an injured coyote earlier, 
favoring its right rear leg,
and tried to spot it again on the way back
but it was nowhere to be seen.

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