Weird time we live in

These are of course very weird times.  The majority of people on the earth believe in what I see as quite primitive beliefs.  Those beliefs are religious beliefs.  Where exactly in the universe is this god of which people speak?  And who does that god care about?
As for me, I am a pantheist-atheist.  
All organized religions are obsolete.  Besides that, they suck.  Why do I say they suck?  Well, because they are all false.  If even one of them were to be true, that would mean that all the others were untrue.  So none of them has very good odds to begins with.  Ultimately, religions today are there to make up for the weird world we experience, to try to bring in some "other" to save us from the absolute finitude of our lives and the cruelty of the universe we experience.    
"It's only a paper moon, hanging over a cardboard sea....it's a Barnum & Bailey World, just as phoney as it can be."  -- Nat King Cole.
Why am I a pantheist-atheist?  Because pantheism in the sense of "all is god" is really the same thing as "nothing is god."  The only difference is one of attitude.

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